Requirements for each badge:

  • The BSA website has the requirements for each merit badge at this Link.
  • The website for U.S. Scouting Service Project has worksheets that are helpful in completing many of the merit badges.  For that site, click this Link.  This is an unofficial website and scouts should check with the BSA website to ensure they have the most current requirements.


Which badges first?

Some merit badges are targeted for different age groups.
For Troop 55's recommended sequence, click here.

• Counselors - Troop 55 has approximately 70 parents and other adults who have volunteered to serve as merit badge counselors.  Some adults have offered to be a counselor for only one or two specific merit badges, and other adults serve as a counselor for a larger number.  There are 120+ merit badges and almost all of these badges have at least one T-55 adult serving as a counselor.  For some badges, there may be a dozen T-55 counselors available.

• In addition to the merit badge counselors from T-55, there are dozens and dozens of other adults in our area who are registered with the Sam Houston Area Council to serve as merit badge counselors.  Some of these individuals are associated with other troops, and some are hobbyists or specialists in one particular subject area.

Click here for a listing of T-55 merit badge counselors.

• For a listing of other counselors in the Twin Bayou District, contact T-55's Advancement Chair.

• Adults - want to be a merit badge counselor? - click here.