Want to be a merit badge counselor at Troop 55?
The process is easy.  Find one or more merit badges for which you wish to become a counselor, and then contact Tevia McLaren, the troop’s Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator, or Amy Barnes, T-55's Advancement Chair.  You will need to complete the following two forms:
      1.  An adult leader registration form (if you are not already a registered leader).
      2.  A merit badge counselor information form, which can be downloaded from this link.
Troop 55 requires that its counselors take Youth Protection Training.

Troop 55 has approximately 70 parents and other adults who have volunteered to serve as merit badge counselors.  Some adults have offered to be a counselor for only one or two specific merit badges, and other adults serve as a counselor for a larger number.

When you register, you can elect to serve as a counselor solely for scouts in Troop 55, or you can specify that you are willing to work with scouts from other troops.  Most other troops do not have the benefit of having so many counselors as our troop, so it is important that counselors from Troop 55 help with other scouts.  Nevertheless, it is very rare when a scout actually contacts a "stranger" from another troop to serve as his counselor.

For a listing of T-55 merit badge counselors, click here.
For a listing of other counselors in the Twin Bayou District, contact T-55's Advancement Chair.

BSA has a training course called "Merit Badge Counselor Orientation".  The course can be taken online by downloading the presentation at this link.  A live version of this training is offered several times each year by the Twin Bayou District.  For the Twin Bayou website, click click here.  For a website with a good guide for counselors, click here.  Counselors should also take the course entitled "This Is Scouting".

District Procedures
Guidelines for being a MB Counselor in the Twin Bayou District (T-55's district) are at this link.

Badges, requirements & worksheets:
There are two nice websites that show all the requirements for each badge:
Click here for the U.S. Scouting Service Project website.
Click here for the MeritBadge.com website.
There are worksheets for various merit badges that may be helpful, and you can click here for those worksheets.

Change of requirements:
BSA revises the requirements for a portion of the merit badges each year.  Most of these changes become effective on January 1 of the year published, although some became effective at specific dates.  In addition to these changes in the requirements, BSA intends to rewrite and reprint 15 to 20 of the merit badge pamphlets each year.  Obviously, it is important that each merit badge counselor have the most current set of requirements and pamphlet.