Beginning in Fall 2012, Troop 55 adapted a new structure with two types of patrols.  New scouts join one of the "New Scout Patrols" for their first 9 to 12 months with Troop 55.  After this initial period, scouts join one of the permanent or fixed patrols.  Scouts can be a member of these older patrol up to their 18th birthday.

New Scout Patrols - For Spring 2016, Troop 55 has six patrols for new scouts. 

Older Patrols - Troop 55 has six permanent patrols - the Bison, Cobra, Hawk, Stag, Tiger and Wolf patrols. 

PASMs - Each patrol has at least one adult serving as a Patrol Assistant Scoutmaster.  The PASM is a dedicated resource for the scouts in his patrol and for the parents of those scouts.  The PASM also provides coaching for the youth leaders of the patrol.

JrASMs - Each patrol also has at least one older scout serving as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.  The JrASM is usually 16 or 17, is either Life or Eagle, and has had special leadership training.