Beginning in Fall 2016, Troop 55 adapted a new structure with three types of patrols.  New scouts join one of the "New Scout Patrols" for their first 9 to 12 months with Troop 55.  After this initial period, scouts join one of the permanent or fixed patrols.  Scouts in 10th, 11th and 12th grades can join one of the "Senior Patrols" which function simular to Venturing Patrols or Venturing Crews.

New Scout Patrols - For Spring 2018, Troop 55 has four patrols for new scouts.  For a one-page listing of those four patrols and the PASMs for those patrol, click here.

Older Patrols - Troop 55 has six permanent patrols - the Bison, Cobra, Hawk, Stag, Tiger and Wolf patrols. 

Senior Patrols - Troop 55 has two patrols for scouts in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

PASMs - Each patrol has at least one adult serving as a Patrol Assistant Scoutmaster.  The PASM is a dedicated resource for the scouts in his patrol and for the parents of those scouts.  The PASM also provides coaching for the youth leaders of the patrol.

For a list of PASMs and their patrols, click PASMs.  Last updated in Feb 2018.
For a list of the PASMs for the patrols for new scouts for Spring 2018 click here. 

Troop Guides & JrASMs - Each patrol also has at least one older scout serving as a Troop Guide or Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.  The Troop Guides are usually 14 or older.  The JrASMs are usually 16 or 17, and hold the rank of either Life or Eagle.  Troop Guides and JrASMs have attended NYLE or have had other special leadership training.