Meeting Dates and Location

The Troop Committee usually meets on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 6:00pm.  No meeting in July.

The meetings are held at SJD in Room 208, which is upstairs and to the back right.

The meetings are open to all leaders of the troop and to parents of T-55 scouts.


Special Committees

These committees focus on specific part of the program and include the following:

  • Quartermaster crew - packs the troop trainer and take care of the warehouse
  • Paddling Committee - assists with canoe and kayaking activities
  • Shooting Committee - handles shooting activities
  • Climbing Committee - assists with Climbing Lock-In and other climbing activities
  • Backpacking Committee - helps prepare for backpacking treks
  • Scholarship Committee - handles T-55's scholarship program
  • Other committees are formed as needed

To join one of these special committees, please contact the Troop Committee Chair.


The Troop Committee Chair for 2020-21 is:
     Rob Rice
     713-725-4216 (cell)