The leadership of Troop 55 recognizes the valuable impact a full scouting experience has upon young men.  The troop has scholarships to make sure that our scout’s participation in troop activities is not restricted by his family’s financial resources.  Scholarships are available to help scouts and their families with annual dues, campout fees and summer camp fees.

Teaching scouts self reliance is an important goal of the Boy Scouts and Troop 55.  Scouts are expected to demonstrate self reliance in the wilderness and self reliance in life.  Each year, scouts are given opportunities to earn money that can be used towards summer camp and other scouting expenses.  Troop 55 considers a scout’s participation in the Popcorn and Scout Fair sales important part of teaching self reliance and is considered when awarding scholarships.

Requests for scholarship should be made to the Troop Committee Chairman, Treasurer or Scoutmaster.  All requests are kept confidential and evaluated by the troop scholarship committee based upon need.  You can use the links below to initiate email contact with either their TCC or Troop Treasurer.  If you feel more comfortable discussing your needs either of these leaders you are welcome to use the contact information or approach them at a troop meeting.

Troop Committee Chairman
Rob Rice -

Troop Treasurer
Richard Butler -