Camping Related Forms:

• Camping Checklist (PDF) or (Word Format)

• Local and National Tour Permits:
    The application for these permits is now done on-line via the website.
    Click here for instructions and links on the Sam Houston Area Council website.


Handbooks & Related:

• Troop Handbook (PDF) - 429kb, 48 pgs - (updated Aug 2014)

• Troop Handbook (PDF) - 791kb, 79 pgs - (from Sep 2010, for reference only)

• Campmaster Handbook (Word format)

• Role of the Patrol Assistant Scoutmasters (PASMs) (PDF) or (Word Format)
  - (updated Sep 2007)


Eagle Rank Documents:

• Eagle Project Workbook (PDF) - complete booklet, 26 pgs - (updated in May 2014)

• Eagle Rank Application (PDF) - this form must be completed prior to the
Scoutmaster Conference for Eagle. - (updated in 2014)

• Eagle Palm Application (PDF) - this form must be completed prior to the
Scoutmaster Conference for each Eagle Palm.


BSA Registration Forms:

• For the Youth registration form, the Adult registration form,
and procedures for joining T-55, click here.


Board of Review Form:

* Form to use when conducting a Board of Review (PDF format) or (Word format)
  - (updated on Jan 2012)


Canoes & Kayaks - waiver & release for use of T-55's boats:

• Waiver & release form for canoe-kayak usage (PDF)

Troop 55 owns some canoes and kayaks.  On occasion, these boats are used by small groups who are associated with the Troop but the paddling trips for which the boats are being used are not sponsored by the Troop or under the insurance provisions of the BSA.  An example of such a paddling trip is where T-55 leaders explore a river or lake as a possible site for a future T-55 paddling trip.  In order for such groups to use the T-55 boats, they must sign this waiver document and comply with the rules and conditions stated therein.  This document is not needed if (a) the usage of the boats is for a T-55 paddling trip, and (b) a "float plan" and tour permit have been filed with SHAC, and (c) BSA insurance coverage is in place.


Sales Tax Exemption Form:

• Exemption Certificate of our Chartered Org (PDF) - this form is password protected.
This certificate is only valid for purchased items that will belong to the Troop,
or for expenses incurred directly by the Troop.