BSA has introduced a new medical form for use beginning in March 2014.
This form is for both youth and adult members.  The medical information on this form needs to be updated ANNUALLY.  The older version of this form from 2012 is still valid for use in 2014.

Parts A and B of this medical form are needed prior to participation in weekend campouts or in-town activities.  Parts A and B do not require a doctor's exam.

Part C of this form does require a doctor's exam.  Part C is needed prior to summer camp, any high-adventure activity, or various other activities as described on the form.

There is a separate risk advisory for several of BSA's high-adventure camps (replaces Part D of the 2012 form), and this needs to be reviewed by participants in those camps.  The risk advisory document is for review only and does not need to be printed or submitted to T-55 along with Parts A, B and C.

Click to download the appropriate medical form:
•  Instructions  (PDF, 1 page)
•  Medical Form - Parts A & B  (PDF, 3 pages)
•  Medical Form - Parts A, B & C  (PDF, 4 pages)
•  Medical Form + Risk Advisory for Philmont  (PDF, 6 pages)
•  Medical Form + Risk Advisory for Florida Sea Base  (PDF, 6 pages)
•  Medical Form + Risk Advisory for Northern Tier Canoe Base  (PDF, 6 pages)
•  Medical Form + Risk Advisory for Summit Bechtel Reserve  (PDF, 6 pages)
•  Medical Form for Scuba  (PDF, 6 pages)


Consent, release and emergency contact form - (PDF)
Consent to treat form - (PDF)
•  These forms are required for all scouts and adults at Troop 55.
    Usually, these forms need to be completed only once for the entire years with the troop.


Over-the-counter medications, plus dietary restrictions - (PDF)
•  This form should be submitted if a scout is to receive over-the-counter medications during campouts or at summer camp, or if the scout has dietary restrictions.