Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship


The Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship awards college scholarships of up to $1,000 to qualified Eagle Scouts who demonstrate leadership and mentorship through their continued involvement in Scouting. Eagles may apply beginning their junior year of high school and re-apply until college graduation. Each year the scholarship board awards at least one $1,000 scholarship to recognize exemplary leadership and continued involvement in Troop 55 and other Scouting programs. The board may also choose to award additional scholarships at the $250-$500 level to recognize noteworthy Eagle applicants for their efforts to stay involved in Scouting.


The purpose of the scholarship program is to recognize and promote exceptional dedication to Troop 55 and Scouting by Eagle Scouts after the achievement of the rank of Eagle. Eagle is the highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve, and less than five percent of the nearly 3 million scouts nationwide do so each year. However, too many Eagles exit Scouting once they achieve its highest rank, thus depriving the troop – and younger scouts in particular – of their accumulated experience and leadership skills. By encouraging Eagles to stay active, the scholarship strives to enrich the troop with their presence and provide younger scouts with mentorship and skills development, while also further developing Eagles’ leadership skills. Eagle Scouts have many demands on their time as they prepare for college, and the distinction and financial benefits of the scholarship recognizes Eagles who continue to devote themselves to Scouting. In doing so, the scholarship program attempts to recognize early potential for a lifetime involvement with Scouting.


The Award

  • Primary winner (Gold level): A one-time award of $1,000 disbursed directly to the college the summer before the winner matriculates.
  • Secondary winner/s (Silver & Bronze levels): A one-time award of $250 (bronze level) to $500 (silver level) will be disbursed directly to the winner’s college before matriculation.
  • A letter will be mailed to any college and/or institution of higher education where the recipient has applied, notifying the admissions committee of the award and its significance. Recipients are encouraged to list the award on their college applications.
  • Recipients’ names will go on a plaque that is displayed in the scout room at St. John the Divine Church.
  • Recipients will receive a scouting memento during a Troop 55 Court of Honor in recognition of their achievements.
  • An announcement will be made in the St. John’s Church newspaper and Scoop 55

Additional Notes

  • Previous scholarship recipients and applicants are encouraged to apply for the scholarship multiple times.
  • If a high school junior is selected, his scholarship award will be held in escrow until he matriculates to college.
  • If a college does not allow for the direct payment of tuition by a third party, the scholarship board will work with the college and scholarship winner’s parents/guardians on alternate arrangements.
  • The Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship fund is managed as part of the endowment of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. Donations are tax deductible. The scholarship board is deeply grateful to St. John the Divine and especially the accounting staff for its generous assistance in administering the scholarship program.




Application Criteria

  • Have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout
  • Be considered a member of active standing of Troop 55 or affiliated scouting group
  • Be a part or full time student in high school or college
  • Demonstrate Scout Spirit and high moral character

Submission Deadline
Applications are due on or before March 15 each year to be eligible for the previous year’s award. Awards will be announced no later than the final Eagle Court of Honor in the spring.


Application Essays & Letter of Recommendation


  1. Describe your involvement in Troop 55 and/or Scouting since achieving Eagle Scout and how you supported the leadership goals of the Troop 55 and the Boy Scouts of America. (minimum of 250 words)
  2. Why was it important to you to continue your involvement with Scouting after earning Eagle Scout? How do you feel continued involvement in high school, college, and beyond positively impacts our community? (minimum of 400 words)

Letter of Recommendation

  • Applicants are required to have a current or previous adult scout leader write a letter of recommendation to the board that speaks to the applicant’s involvement in and impact on Troop 55 and/or Scouting after achieving Eagle and attests to his Scout spirit and high moral character.
  • Note: Adult scout leaders are not expected to write more than one recommendation. To the greatest extent possible, applicants should find a unique recommender.
Application and Recommendation

Submit the application essays via the instructions in this PDF or mail to:

Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship
2328 North Blvd
Houston, TX 77098


Previous Recipients

  • 1999    David Crowder

  • 2000    Brian Gilmer

  • 2001    Matthew Alexander & Mitchell Loper

  • 2002    Douglas Leslie

  • 2008    Adam Cauble

  • 2009    Josh Spencer

  • 2010    Cameron Steele

  • 2011    John LaMond

  • 2012    Rhett Baker

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