Troop 55 Eagle Scouts Website

The few and the proud achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.  Far from being the end, however, attaining Eagle is just the beginning of a lifetime commitment to Scouting.

Click here for a list of Troop 55 Eagle Alumni

Eagle alumni are currently updating the Eagle Scout Alumni Directory, which will be made available to all Eagle alumni by early 2006.  Please give us an update of your latest contact information.  (currently being updated as of summer 2007)

For a copy of a letter sent to all Eagle Alums explaining the latest request for updated contact information, click here.

Attention recent Eagle Scouts:  Learn more about Troop 55's Eagle Scout Scholarship The scholarship endowment is attached to the St. John the Divine Church endowment.  All gifts to the endowment are fully tax deductible.

Previous T55 Eagle Scout Scholarship recipients:

    • 1999 - David Crowder
    • 2000 - Brian Gilmer
    • 2001 - Matthew Alexander and Mitchell Loper
    • 2002 - Douglas Leslie
    • 2003 - 2007   no recipient selected
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This website is a project of Mark Lum and Price Roe, Eagle Class of 1987