Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship

Recommendation Form


Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation.  The recommender may use the form below or submit a letter on personal letterhead.  The recommender should have first hand knowledge of the applicant's character and accomplishments in scouting.


Please copy/paste the form below into a word document, or include the topics in a letter, then send the completed recommendation to, or mail to:


Troop 55 Eagle Scout Scholarship
526 Sutton St.

Houston, TX  77006



Applicant name:                 x


Name of recommender:    x


Date: x


Please describe how you know the applicant and for how long:

(one paragraph)

Please describe the applicant’s character and Scout Spirit:

(one paragraph)

Please assess the quality and impact of the applicant’s contribution to Scouting (Troop 55 or elsewhere) since achieving Eagle Scout:

(one paragraph)

Please share any additional information the board should know about this applicant in making your recommendation:

(multiple paragraphs as needed)

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