(updated 02/13/19)

Adult training - SM/ASM Specific course - Sat, Feb 16, 8:00a-1:00p.  Adults interested in working as an Assistant Scoutmaster must complete this course eventually and this session is very convenient.  Register online at this Link.

Scout Sunday - Sun, Feb 17, 11:00a, SJD main sanctuary.  Arrive by 10:30a for group photo on steps in front of church.

Troop Meeting - Tue, Feb 19, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

Troop Committee Meeting - Thu, Feb 21, 6:00p, SJD Rm 208.

Swim Test & FCT - Sun, Feb 24, 3:30p-5:30p, Bellaire Pool, 7001 5th St.
Swimming and water rescue requirements for 2nd and 1st Class start at 3:30p.  Swim tests for scouts who are 1st Class and above start at 4:15p.  Adults can also take the swim test starting at 4:15p.

Troop Meeting - Tue, Feb 26, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

Troop Campout - Fri-Sun, Mar 1-3. 

Court of Honor - Tue, Mar 5, 6:30p, SJD main sanctuary.

(No Troop Meeting on Tue, Mar 12 - Spring Break)

Troop Committee Meeting - Thu, Mar 14, 6:00p, SJD Rm 208.

Troop Meeting - Tue, Mar 19, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

FCT Advancement Session - Sun, Mar 24, 3:00p-5:00p, Scout Room.

Troop Meeting - Tue, Mar 26, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.



At the Court of Honor on Tuesday, Jan 29, Troop 55 presented rank advancements and merit badges earned during the previous several months.  In addition, Jack Curtin, Thomas Grannen, Ben Morris, Saswat Pati and James Vaughan received the Eagle Scout rank. 

The next Court of Honor will be on Tuesday, Mar 5 at 6:30p.


Merit Badge News

Counselors Wanted: If you are interested in being a Counselor for any of the Merit Badges, please contact Merit Badge Coordinator Tevia McLaren via email or stop by the sign-up table on a Tuesday evening.

Did you know the Troop has a recommended sequence for Scouts to take merit badge courses? Take a look the Troop Handbook on the Troop website, to see what history has taught us about age-appropriate merit badges.



We need YOU!   In a Troop our size, the "official" adult leaders can’t possibly do it all.  We have both "outdoor" and "indoor" jobs for adult.  We’re friendly and supportive, we’ll train you, and you’ll have a great time.  Experience shows that, the more involved a Scout's parent is in the Troop’s adult leadership, the more likely the Scout is to remain in Scouting and someday earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

To volunteer or discuss how you can assist the troop, please contact Suanne Bouvier, our Scout Parent Coordinator, or stop by the sign-up table on Tuesday evening. 


Summer Camps in 2019
Information is available regarding summer camps planned for 2019.  Click on "Summer Camps" in the index.

Summer Camp Presentation
Click here to download presentation from summer camp info meeting held on Feb 2.

Updated contact lists for scouts and adult leaders are available.  The reports show the BSA registration number for each scout and adult.  Click on "Membership" in the index.

Advancement reports
Troop 55 has changed to the "Scoutbook" software system for tracking advancement, addresses, camping nights and other info.  Each scout and his parents should have received instructions about how to access the Scoutbook system to view advancement reports.  If you need further guidance to access Scoutbook or to have a copy of a scout's advancement report emailed to you, please contact Amy Barnes, our Advancement Chair, at advancement@troop55.org.


first class trail

FCT Advancement Sessions
Feb 12, 6:30p - before Troop Meeting
    - Reqmt T-5a,b,c, safe hiking
Feb 19, 6:30p - before Troop Meeting
    - Reqmt S-5a,d, safe swimming
Feb 22, 3:30p-5:00p, at Bellaire pool
    - Reqmt S-5b,c, swim test, water rescues
    - Reqmt F-6a,e, swim test, water rescues
Feb 26, 6:30p - before Troop Meeting
    - Menu planning
Mar 1-3 at campout
    - Reqmt F-6b,c,d & other
All FCT session are held at SJD unless otherwise stated.



Youth Training:
NYLT, Jun 2-7 & 9-14   ►   Link

Adult Training:
Fast Start, online course   ►   Link
This is Scouting, online   ►   Link
Youth Protection, online   ►   Link